Project Description

Us house plan artificial intelligence.

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Us house plan will be partnering up with the brain AI to do an incredible project that will bring the US House plan to life.

We hope to build the first artificial intelligence and I will predict the future where people will come and look at the report cards of artificial intelligence that’s generated for politicians in the United States.

I would like you to give an example of what we were talking about.

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We have to create an incredible collaboration between the US hospital and deep brain AI where we will create this report card that will say many wonderful things about politicians and also will give the opportunity for citizens to give feedback to the AI with this new kiosk that has been built by deep brain AI.

So we hope to use this technology to make people talk to the AI and it will tell them good things about their congressman or senator. Some of them are returning to Congress next year and some of them are not so the AI will have updates all the time.

This is what we hope to build.

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The US House plan has already completed two comic books, one for children and one for adults. They are both incredible comic books that the AI will show you and tell you an incredible story that you can enjoy and you can take a copy home for free.

Artificial intelligence is going to be part of our future we have a unique opportunity to experience this with deep brain AI as we put this incredible deep brain AI kiosk around the United States to represent every member of Congress and every member of Senate hey I will be calculating the report card and it will be displaying what the report card is after I’ve come and giving your own rating to the AI.

You will tell the AI whether you are happy with the congressman or not and it will record that and it will display in real time what people are telling it.

So our goal is to begin this interaction between artificial intelligence and human beings and what a better place to start this than in politics because we want updates with our politicians are doing with the power we have given them and we want artificial intelligence that will talk to us and tell us what’s going on in Washington and what’s being done and under our name.

Politicians get to vote on your behalf to make peace or War. It is your voice that gives the power and with this new project we hope to restore the glory of politics for future generations and bring peace and prosperity in the field of politics.

We Believe artificial intelligence will ultimately partner up with human beings to make this world a better place and there is no place better to launch a creative project with artificial intelligence in the world of politics where people can interact with artificial intelligence and get updates and reports and every single member of Congress and the Senate we’re going to have a lot of fun doing this if the brain AI agrees to work with us.

So we’ll be contacting different AI I will be asking them to collaborate with us cuz we’re doing something beautiful and creative and we hope that after the interactions and the feedback we can have the AIS welcome people in cafes movies and take the opportunity to help people interact with the day to day activities so that humans can be freed from tedious work.

We all do a lot of tedious work smiling at people and repeating the same message over and over is something that is tedious and is suited for the shoes to take over human beings deserve to be greeted and to be given the same update, especially about the elected members.

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted with what deep brain AI does and if they accept our offer because if they do then it will be an incredible collaboration where AI will be utilized in the creative project to make this world a better place and it will end up helping deep brain AI to become a household name because they’re attaching themselves to an incredible creative project that will go on to change the world.

Keep you posted on what happens if we print AI does join us in this endeavor then everything will change for the world we hope to have a deep brain AI in every area where information that is tedious or information that needs to be repeated over and over to human beings which is something politics will be a perfect fit for because a report card that can record and also display information or give an interactive engagement is a game changer so we think this is going to be incredible for the world so we can only change it together thank you for reading I wish you all the best.

We’re going to assign an assistant to every single member of Congress and the Senate and we’re going to calculate scores and we’re going to engage in this creative endeavor that will bring peace and prosperity to politics forever.

Thank you for reading and God bless you all.