Project Description

Report card.
Door-to-door survey.
Will be submitted soon.
Artificial intelligence score.
Will be submitted soon.
Report card for every quarter
Will be submitted very soon.
Report cards from the leader of the Republicans will be submitted soon.
Report cards from fellow members first from the Republican Party score will be calculated per vote.
Report card from the fellow Democrat party scores will be calculated per vote.
Report cards from the speaker of the House will be calculated and displayed.
Score from the President of the United States will be calculated and displayed.

Committee Assignment score

Natural Resources

Data is collected from all those people who work with him. In the armed service and
natural resource scores will be calculated and displayed.

All scores will be added and presented in a report card and this report card will
help the voter decide whether to re-elect the representative from the first district of Alabama.
An internet zip code pole will be also collected and results will be displayed.

Virtual reality vote will also be created and displayed for the first district.
All voters within the first district of Alabama will be issued unique IDs
to contact the congressman in issues relating to international matters and
they can use the office to conduct business and to represent the United States
through their congressman so that they are shielded from all political dangers that come with engaging international politics.

Geolocation identification

My office in our nation’s capital is located at:
2210 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-2726